New Fall 2013
City Collection.

New Fall 2013 Earthkeepers® City Collection.
40 Days of Timberlove

New Arrivals

Earthkeepers® Apparel Collection

Crafted as a boot maker would.

Because one did.

We’ve taken everything we know about crafting rugged, quality boots and designed a new line of apparel. Every detail reflects a heritage of craftsmanship and ingenuity.

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Christina Caradona Earthkeepers® Savin Hill Tall Boots Earthkeepers® Mosley 6-Inch Waterproof Boots Natalie Suarez

Christina Caradona & Natalie Suarez

Meet the people who've made their mark on the world of fashion, art and culture. Find out what the influencers are doing... and wearing.

Timberland Boot Company®


Timberland Boot Company® has selected a unique group of individuals called Trailblazers: Doing what they love. Becoming who they're meant to be.

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Fall '13 Lookbook

Timberland Fall '13 Lookbook

Best Then. Better Now.

It started 40 years ago with a yellow boot called Timberland that became an icon. Its quality, authenticity and rugged outdoor heritage continue with a new collection crafted for today.

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